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Antivirus App : Antivirus is the software which is unknown for anti-Malware software, and it is used to prevent, detect and remove software viruses, and other malicious software like worms, trojans, adware, and more.An antivirus app can help protect you against a variety of malicious computer activity that’s generally referred to as “malware.” A virus is a type of malware that can make copies of itself and transmit those copies to other devices, usually in a stealthy manner. If you are shopping for an antivirus app, there are several features to look for.These tools are very much critical for the users in order to install and up to date because a computer without antivirus software when connected to the Internet will infect with no virus and malware.

In order to keep your system safe and secure with regular updates, it is must and should do to have the best antivirus software. They are a unlimited number of antivirus apps available in the market today. It is very important to have an antivirus software in your personal computer or even on your mobile phone so as to keep your personal data safe and secure. They are also some advanced technologies that are incorporated in antivirus software that will help you to boost up your device to work more faster.Sometimes your mobile device may hang due to the Internet activities or when you browse the Internet. The antivirus software will help you in making your smartphone work more effectively even if it is connected to the Internet. Antivirus software can run as antivirus app for Android Smartphones, tablet, antivirus Apple and Windows devices. The software can be a trial version for one month, or you can also get paid version.

Features of Antivirus 

They are many important features which are available in antivirus apps or software. Here you can find the best 10 features that are provided in antivirus software applications.

  • Protection against browser exploits: When you connect to the Internet then they are many chances of being infected with the virus. They are likely to have more chances for virus and other malware to enter into your system. You can find some methods used in the technology called as clickjacking which may be enabled when you enter into a web page that Virtually steals your clicks. And it will enter into your system and will take your cancel clips and make it confirm. This will sometimes lead to mishandling of your accounts. If you have an antivirus software, then it will protect you against the browsers exploiters.
  • Antimalware: Antimalware is one of the component of antivirus software which is very much helpful in protecting your device from virus and malware. They are some other molecular software which includes Trojans, virus, spyware and other software that are created to malfunction your system.
  • Anti spyware: Anti spyware will give you protection against spyware with which is a type of Malware. Spyware is used to gather the information that is accessed the meaning of passwords or during your website. So most of the antivirus software are available with anti-spyware to keep your information safe.
  • Antivirus: Of course, all the antivirus software are inbuilt to have antivirus card that will protect your device against any checking activities. This will keep an eye on your device in order to modify and keep the unwanted activities blocked. The antivirus software will also attempt to locate and eliminate the sources of malicious activities that will be done in a device.
  • Anti-Trojan: Anti-Trojan is a type of software that will help you in performing any integrity check on the programs that you just install on your personal computer or device. This software will identify and isolate the performance of your device by keeping it safe and secured from any virus.
  • Anti-rootkit : Rootkit is also another type of software infection which is used to integrate into an Operating System. This will usually replace some files with corruption and will change the data in your device. It is very important to have an anti-rootkit functionality that will help you from detected and will also prevent the installation of any other unwanted files into your device.
  • Anti-worm : The worm is also a type of malware that will enter into your device by spreading it, and it will duplicate itself according to the network that you use. This will usually, in fact, your hard drive, and it will cause your mobile phones also to lose most of your data. This will also reduce the speed of your mobile device or personal computer and will keep them hanging.
  • Email Protection: Email protection feature is provided with the facility to scan inbound and outbound that are sent to your mail. This will keep you away from spam and unwanted mails. AR some antivirus software which is provided with an email protection software along with quarantine and blocking feature.
  • Anti-Phishing: This software typically is integrated with the web browser and then email client software. Then it will be attached to identify notify the user of any phishing content which has been entered through mails.
  • Secure network: A secure network is one of the best features of antivirus software that will help you and keep your device secured.The network can be a potential vulnerability for any device that uses one to connect to the Internet.

Antivirus App

Download Best Antivirus App For Mobile SmartPhones

S: NO Name of the Antivirus For Android For IOS For Windows
1. 360 Security – Antivirus Boost 360 Security For Android 360 Security For IOS 360 Security For Windows
2. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira For Android

Avira For IOS Avira For Windows
3. Antivirus & Mobile Security by TrustGo

TrustGo For Android

 TrustGo For IOS TrustGo For Windows
4. AndroHelm Mobile Security AndroHelm For Android  AndroHelm For IOS  AndroHelm For Windows
5. AVAST Mobile Security AVAST For Android AVAST For IOS AVAST For Windows
6. AVG AntiVirus Security AVG For Android AVG For IOS AVG For Windows
7. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Bitdefender For Android Bitdefender For IOS Bitdefender For Windows
8. CM Security Antivirus CM Security For Android CM Security For IOS CM Security For Windows
9. Dr Web Security Space Dr Web For Android Dr Web For IOS Dr Web For Windows
10. Eset Mobile Security and Antivirus Eset For Android  Eset For IOS  Eset For Windows
11. Kaspersky Internet Security Kaspersky For Android  Kaspersky For IOS Kaspersky For Windows
12. Lookout Antivirus Lookout For Android Lookout For IOS LookOut For Windows
13. Malwarebytes


Malwarebytes For Android Malwarebytes For IOS  Malwarebytes  For Windows
14. McAfee Security and Power Booster McAfee For Android McAfee For IOS McAfee For Windows
15. Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton For Android

Norton For IOS Norton For Windows

How Antivirus Helps  For Smartphone

Antivirus software is provided with extensive secure suits to provide safety for your smartphone devices. They are many smart phone devices like Android and IOS that work more effectively with proper any antivirus software. They are many antivirus software available on the Internet, but some software is not directly available in Google Play Store. So to install such type of software you need to jailbreak and then enter into the device.

The antivirus software will completely scan everything in your profile and gives you latest updates about your smartphone. They are mobile security that will help you in setting up daily or weekly standing, but some of its functioning only work on rooted phones. By using the best antivirus software in your mobile to you can have a lock screen, make sure that the device is erased if someone tries to get the password after a certain number of atoms and it will also have the ability to remotely erase the device. All the software are now available on any modern platforms and are easy to get on your smartphone.

How to protect your Android smartphone from viruses

1. Update your version of Android

It is very much important to have regular updates of the smartphone daily or weekly basis. This you need to tap on the settings icon, and then you need to scroll down to about phone and then check for the software updates. So here we will find the latest updates so by clicking on them your mobile will be updated.

2.Prevent app installation from unknown sources

This is a very important process in which you need to keep the installation of unknown sources away from your smartphone. Because the unknown sources are not trustworthy and they may contain some unwanted threats and virus. To do this, you need to go to the settings- security. From this, you need to scroll down, and then you need to look under device administration and go to unknown sources and make sure that it is unchecked.

3.Restricted down with the password

It is very important to have a password for your smartphone. If in case you give your smart phone to other people then it is very much important to have password for installation of new apps. This will help you in getting rid of some of the virus. For this, you need to launch the Google Play Store app and then click on the menu button at the top right from there you need to look for three stacked dots. Now you need to type in the settings and look for user control.Tap Parental Controls and turn the slider On. You’ll be asked to Create content PIN.

4. Read and understand permissions

The permissions before you install any application into your smartphone. For this, you need to tap on Install button in the Google Play Store from your Android phone which will display and have permission box. Just scroll down in Tab on select all option in order to do everything that you want to access on your handset. There are some features of a smartphone that will allow you too have a legitimate admit to access certain features.

5.Install antivirus apps free software

It is very important to have some of the free antivirus software that is installed on your smartphone. Softwares will protect you against virus and malware, and it will also blocked you against some unwanted threats.

6. Install BT virus protection

This is one of the virus protection in which the BT virus protection is available in Google Play Store. Buy just tapping all the apps available in Google Play Store you can get the app that is directly antivirus app download into your smartphone. For this, you will need to activate code which will get by logging into the app by using the BP ID.

How to Remove Virus With the Help of Antivirus 

It is very easy to remove any virus in your smartphone if you have best Antivirus software installed. The installed antivirus will check and make you updated with all the notifications that are happening in your smartphone.

1.Install and run an antivirus scan

It is very important to run an antivirus scan on a regular basis so that it will scan for any infected content on your smartphone. Since Android has a wide variety of antivirus apps for both paid and free.It will scan all your files and apps, and recommend removing malicious ones.Antivirus scan should be run in order to keep your smartphone active everyday. It will prevent any unwanted threats and keep your mobile phone more accurate when compared to that of mobile devices without any antivirus software.

2. Manually Delete in Safe Mode

Manually deleting in a safe mode will help you in saving your mobile information. And it will enhance your mobile to work more effectively. This manual deleting should be updated on a regular basis of either every day or just once in a week.

To boot into Safe Mode on most of the Androids:

  1. Press and hold the Power button till you get the “Power Off / Reboot” screen.
  2. Tap and hold “Power Off” till you get a prompt to “Reboot to Safe Mode.”
  3. Tap “OK.”
  4. Wait for the phone or tablet to reboot. In one of the corners, you will see a watermark of “Safe Mode.”

If the app can’t be removed, it likely has Device Administrator Access. To remove that access.

  1. Go to Settings>Security>Device Administrators.
  2. Locate the app and tap the checkmark next to it.
  3. Tap “Deactivate” when prompted.

Now you can go back to Settings>Apps>Downloaded and uninstall the app.

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